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Side effects may include:

  • Uncontrollable smiling and laughing,
  • Heightened mood,
  • Increased energy,
  • Weight loss
  • Improved muscle tone,
  • Improved heart, lung and body function,
  • Positive self image. 




















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Superior Colorado

Experience SUPERIOR ZUMBA at Synergy Fitness Studio!

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Located in the heart of Superior Marketplace, Synergy Fitness Studio is a destination for Zumba fitness fanatics from all over the north metro area! Our open design and brightly lit studio will lift your spirits and bring your body to life. Our staff is highly reviewed, widely loved, and dedicated to delivering a superior Zumba fitness experience!

Synergy Fitness Studio's mission is total disruption of conventional fitness programs, by overloading it with fun! We want you to want to work out, look forward to working out, and get hooked on a great fitness program. The results are simple: healthy, happy, fit and fabulous!

Synergy Fitness Studio
406 Center Drive
Superior, CO 80027
(720) 203-0395

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